I hear the groans again – “Why do girls get all the good $#!*??”

In this first case though, it was guy’s that got this shoe only leaving the girl’s with their fair share of complaints. So wishes granted – the “Heavy Metal” Vandals that dropped last year are now available in kids sizes…so now girls can rock out with…I’m not finishing that, I actually hate that saying.



In case you haven’t noticed Nike 6.0 has been stepping it up season after season. And as far as ladies are concerned, you are all taken care of as each release from the Women’s 6.0 division has been nothing less than strong.

Check out the Dunk Low and Dunk High in the usual fresh colored 6.0 aesthetic.



The Dunk High features a see-through material on the mid-panel, something I haven’t seen quite before…in this execution at least.


And lastly is a new silhouette called the Nike 6.0 Balsa. Amazing…I’m already fan of a low profile, casual look, but to add this kind of color pop and the sexy little zebra print tab on the back….WOOOO! Spit hot fiyah like Dy-lan on Chappelle skit.



That’s it for now, but I got another exciting release for girls to go ga-ga (no Lady Gaga reference) over…stay tuned!



  • March 4, 2010

    Queen Leo

    NOW the heavy metals come on in my size lmaoo too bad i wasn’t patient and got it in mens bahaha and those balsas are soooo sweeett … wats the other relase??? im soo impatient lol

  • March 5, 2010

    Jihan S.

    Girls get all the good shit??? Nooo! It’s absolutely the other way around. Guys have been getting the best Nike designs FOREVER! I used to hate the fact that my girl’s size 5.5 Nike kids feet would always come up short on the best men’s Nike Air Max 95 designs years ago…

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