So check this out…2 new buttery pairs of Adidas came in, and when I say “buttery”, it’s not just in terms of the premium materials and lux look to the shoes….it’s also because the shoes contain that extra something special that sets it apart from the rest. Take a look….

Here we have the Superstar 80′s TF and below that, there’s the Stan Smith 80′s TF. With the warm weather in the air, they decided to take a step outside…



But like I said, these shoes contain a little something special as indicated by the “TF” in their name. The TF stands for “Transform”. As these Adidas took further steps into the sun and realized exactly how nice it was outside, they decided to shed some of their layers, transform and use their hidden features to adjust to the sun!

The Superstar sheds it’s first tongue layer to reveal a hidden blue tongue underneath. The tongue also serves as a secret stash for extra set of laces, and a gold set of 3-stripe lace locks.





The Stan Smith was feeling sweaty as well. The little suede pull tabs in the back are linked to premium YKK zippers, that zip off the leather upper just like a jacket. Hidden underneath is a cool blue, low top Stan Smith decked out in a lightweight ripstop nylon, with a tongue that rolls down exposing the signature trefoil as well.






Unfortunately the sun started to go down as it got to those last 2 shots, but you get the point. Both of these are available in-store now, but additional photos and purchase information for the Superstar II and the Stan Smith can be found in our webshop by clicking any of the pictures above.




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