Now Playing… “Full Metal Jacket” by Reebok Pump!!

The leading Reebok Pump model is back with a special Stanley Kubrick styling of the 1987 classic “Full Metal Jacket”. The shoe’s design features an army gear colorway, with bullets as a lace lock, “pump” dog tag chain, and camouflage print around the upper ankle with a peace-sign that points to the helmet Matthew Modine wore in the movie playing the character of Private Joker.

The film’s disturbing intensity between Sergeant Hartman and Private Pyle has made this a cult classic, so wipe that stupid grin off your face maggot and pick up a pair before it’s too late!!




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This sneaker is a release from the “Kubrick Pack”…will more of his films follow?? Wait and see…

As usual I expect some favorite movie quotes to follow in the comments section below….



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