When the Air Force 1 with the reflective Swoosh came out earlier this month, the response was overly positive and was the go-to AF1 in the shop. The use of reflective on any Nike is usually an eye-catcher, and some might have even begun to fantasize about pushing the limits beyond just a reflective Swoosh, anticipating something more this summer. Well, if that’s the case Nike has read your mind as we have just received an Air Force with an ALL reflective upper, sans-Swoosh. Other details include a nylon tongue and a black sole. Looks like Nike nailed it on the head with this Air Force Premium.




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  • June 29, 2010


    i want these bad

  • September 7, 2010


    yo i recently got a pair of these and was just wondering if i need to use a special kind of shoe cleaner on them because of the 3m material…. or if i can just use a regular shoe cleaner… any help?

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