If you’ve ever been down to the shop, you’d know multiple times a day we make trips to our local “bodega” around the corner. Half & Half Arizonas, Chips, Cookies, an occasional egg sandwich, strawberry wafers, Inca Cola, and white cheddar Cheese Doodles that Rodney just steals from you even when he doesn’t like them. Hell…when L’amour Supreme makes one of his many frequent visits, sometimes we question whether or not he came in to see us…or the red bull and platano chips he always cops from the bodega.

Not to our surprise, our friend Quan Luv shares the same affinity for the bodega as we do, and even wrote a song about it! You must check the video below, featuring Old Money, the rest of the A.L.I.E.N. gang, and a cameo appearance by Frank B. Cookins!

Prince Quan Luv also hooks us up with the DOWNLOAD so you can load this onto your players and repeat!


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