Said it before, saying it again – REEBOK is back! (cue the Swizzy voice)…

With Reebok coming through with Swizz Beats’ new smash Kamikaze’s, there are also some elements of Reebok’s legacy they’re re-introducing this year as well.

We start with the Reebok Classic. If you don’t remember this shoe – you’re either 6 years old (thanks for reading the blog by the way!), or lived your whole life barefoot….gross. The Reebok Classic Leather has been around since ’83 and is mainstay in footwear history. The shoe took the casual look to a different level with the use of premium, garment leather and leaving the more atheltic looking nylon/mesh upper behind.

This timeless classic is back with premium production, a slight “vintage” look applied to give it that aged look, and the original Reebok box as well.

Next is the Classic Crepe which advances the look of the Reebok Classic. The foam you’re used to seeing is fully replaced by crepe outsole to give it an even classier look. With back-to-school time creeping up on us, we thought these would be the perfect pair to represent the sophistication gained over the summer as you enter the new school year.

Last, we have the Court Victory Pump – “Varsity Jacket”. Reebok takes their famous Pump Omni and applies elements commonly seen on a classic Letterman/Varsity Jacket. The shoe comes with a fresh set of patches that you can slap on the back heel to personalize it to your liking. One of the best Court Victory’s I’ve seen….

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  • August 11, 2011


    Those Pumps and Classics are just that, “CLASSIC!”

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