Happy New Year folks! Hope everyone had a good holiday. Needless to say, Extra Butter and crew had a great one, finishing off the year strong with our first Reebok collab- the highly anticipated “AHCHOO” Pump AXT. After all the videos, photos, tweets, and blog coverage, the wait was finally over; all leading up to our midnight in-store release this past Friday.

Line-ups are nothing new for us, but words cannot express how it feels when they’re lining up down the block for your own product. (Even more to see our webstore crash the following morning, only to find out our online stock sold out in less than 11 minutes!). They weathered the cold night, but sure enough found their way into the shop. Customers were greeted with the red carpet treatment along with a photo opp and tunes provided by DJ Tezo. Shouts to Paulie, the first in line, welcomed with an extra treat -a copy of the Robin Hood: Men in Tights dvd! Speaking of special treat, some of you may have found an extra trinket in your shoebox… examine closely ;) .

Overall, the response of this release exceeded all our expectations. It is a priceless and honoring feeling to witness the tremendous response to this project. We hope those who got a pair are filled with similar content for the product that we and Reebok yielded. And we couldn’t have done it without all the supporters, customers who copped, and other select shops who stocked the AHCHOO Pumps. And an especially big thanks to JNSQ Films for giving our viral videos life, Cam Brewster for taking the role of our AHCHOO, and Tim, David, Kyle, Eric and the other good people at Reebok for giving us this opportunity and make a dream come true!

Thanks everyone and expect big things for 2012!

Click through to view the gallery of the entire recap. And be sure to check out our Facebook to view and tag yourself in the midnight release “Red Carpet Premiere” photos!



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