One of my favorite new sneakers of recent years has been the Reebok Insta Pump Fury’s. I always liked the looked, the exotic colorways, but finally trying them out and putting them together with different outfits sealed the deal! They’re as comfortable as they get, I enjoy using socks that can peek out of the openings and I also enjoy the amount of looks they get as they’re truly a unique design.

We received 2 new colorways – the first takes advantage of the current cheetah or leopard craze going on. This one is designed by Japanese sneaker vets, MITA. The second shoe further down in the post is that original Pump Fury in black, firecracker, yellow…this gem from the past is back and even better, they’re numbered in a limited amount of 2012! Both shoes have gone pretty fast, if you haven’t given these a shot yet you’re missing out…trust me!

Click on the images for more info or feel free to reach us at: #516-632-5150 /


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