It was a little over 2 months ago when our “Ahchoo” took the world by storm. But, what started it all was the teaser video we dropped eluding to our special collaboration project with Reebok that we showed live to the party people rocking with us on the eve of our 4 year anniversary party.

The world waited a few weeks for the full version which brought about the craze, the tweets, the likes, the “WOW’s”, etc. To recap a bit, the concept for this project is based on Reebok’s crowning moment of movie glory for it’s pump shoe appearance in the Mel Brooks comedy spoof – Robin Hood “Men in Tights”. The film remains a cult classic for funny scenes and lines, and hey…with the success of our “Ahchoo”, we hope we’re on the same esteemed “cult classic” status as well.

Well to further our case we have a follow up…we’re “EXTRA” Butter, so you can bet your buttery dollar there’s always more to what we do than what you may see at first. We once again linked up with our boy Cameron Brewster – playing the role of Dave Chappelle’s character, and the incredibly awesome to work with team at Je Ne Se Quoi Films (Big Buttery THANK YOU again to Karl, Ryan, and Tai!!)!!

So without further adieu, we introduce you to “The Sheriff”!!

Extra Butter x Reebok – Pump OXT ‘Sheriff’ [Teaser] from Je Ne Sais Quoi Films, LLC on Vimeo.

As you’ve seen on our blog friends’ sites by now, be sure to follow @SheriffAhchoo on twitter for more info and fun…


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