The SHERIFF is officially in town! In many towns as a matter of fact as our online release Saturday morning sent pairs all over the world. Let me just mention – we LOVED seeing everyone who had ordered the “Ahchoo’s” and came back to make sure to complete the set. Thank you to everyone who got their pair and did part in freaking me out by crashing the site for a bit again!

This recap post here, is going to give you a glimpse of the in-store release that took place. Ever since opening, the shop has taken on a special life of it’s own at night, and last Friday night was indicative yet again, of the night time magic that takes place when we do special events like this. Customers from near and far queued up, and from as much as I’ve been able to catch up on so far, a lot of you guys and girls got along! I see the tweets, photo sharing, networking, etc. The Butter team is super proud of that, especially with the kind of lineup horror stories you hear these days, the fact that you all had a blast and made new friends – that’s what it’s all about!!

We’re ecstatic to see everyone representing and wearing either the “Sheriff’s” or “Ahchoo’s” – please be sure to facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram us with your work!! #SheriffGang shots we’ve been seeing are looking mean!

Big buttery thank you to everyone who made this happen – Bam, Karl, Ryan, Tai, Cam, DJ Tezo for holding us down, the extraordinary EB team, everyone at Reebok that were so awesome to work with, Sheriff Ahchoo, and of course you – all of you who’ve been supporting us, holding us down, and spreading butter all day everyday! Let the rest of 2012 be amazing for us all!

Click here to see the rest of the photos.


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