Reebok is back at it again!! Riding on the success of the return of The Question (ex: Pearlized Red, Pearlized Blue, Burn Rubber Collaboration and last but not least the Packers Collaboration) and the first colorway that released for the Answer IV (Black/White) comes the slick and buttery smooth Red/White rendition. This colorway as much as it’s predecessor gives the feel of nostalgia and rightfully so since it has been 12 years since it first released to the masses. The shoe comes fully intact in original format from the beloved zip-up function that A.I. himself favors to the tumbled leather and DMX cushioning technology that gives this shoe one crazy comfortable ride while still looking stylish on it’s own merits. I can’t wait to see what this seasoned shoe company has in store for us in the seasons to come next year!


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