So its my turn to take a crack at this. Strategically waiting patiently until I felt I could assemble the best outfit so far. And I think I’ve done that here! Kickin’ it off with the “Handsome Devils Tee” by G.P.P.R., this tee is definitely a favorite of mine from their new Holiday line. The dark green with the vintage looking black type really conveys a sick retro army style. The black lettering is executed perfectly with the sophisticated script design, and everyone knows that black and that army green always work well together.

The tee is awesome, but as we approach the winter weather, it’s a necessity to bring a jacket with you, and what better one than this “Harrow Twill Jacket” by G.P.P.R. The cheetah print was very prominent in this seasons G.P.P.R. line and what can you expect when it looks sick on every piece and was executed perfectly. The brown leather collar and its military-like cut, really make this a unique piece that works so well with the tee underneath. And for those of you who may be a little reluctant to cop a piece with this much cheetah, I gotta say, once you try it on and check it out, you’ll be sold!

Moving down to the pants, the “Les Twill Trousers” are yet another G.P.P.R. piece, and are probably one of my favorite fits when it comes to pants. The tapered leg and the removable pockets on the back add a creative and stylish element that I haven’t seen on pants before. The khaki color works well with the cheetah print that reveals when you cuff the leg opening, and  it goes perfectly with both top pieces.

Continuing down to the feet, we got the Air Max 90 Premium with the “Boss” Stance socks. Being a huge Air Max fan, these Cargo Khaki/Steel Green 90′s were a no-brainer for this outfit. And of course it doesn’t just stop at the sneakers, lately it’s been all about the socks, and these Stance socks are no exception! As a signature model to renowned skater – Andrew Reynolds, these are super comfortable with padding and cushion needed for skating or just staying relaxed throughout the day. Not to mention the color way is awesome too! A vintage striped sweater comes to mind and looks amazing with the 90′s.

At the top of the outfit we have the Only NY “Pines Polo Hat” in burgundy, a sick color with a “Pines” logo which is one of my favorites from Only. The brass buckle on the back is a nice quality accent that really works well with the over all color and feel of the hat.

Lastly we have the Canby Shwood sunglasses made from “santos mahogany” wood. It’s good to see a new style make its way to the shop and it’s even better that it’s these. The stain on these is ridiculous and creates a subtle red hit that works well with the Only hat, while the brownish tone also compliments the cheetah prints of the jacket and pants nicely as well. So there are my picks, and I gotta say that you should just come in and get the outfit as a whole because I can’t promise that pieces this hot are gonna stick around for long!


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