If you’ve been paying attention to our twitter & instagram, or most importantly, been by the shop recently, you likely noticed the new mural inside our “showroom”. That work of art was done by our friend, Matthew Reid.

The wall was done a few pieces at a time over the course of a week, but I’m not sharing the pictures below just to show those of you haven’t seen how it looks completed. I’m highlighting the piece to let you know that Matthew’s work, and even greater personality has had a rather profound effect on us at the shop. This has been especially evident this past week where we have not seen him as much, but don’t worry…this is not the last we work with him.

While his work has served as a new source of mystery and wonder, Matthew’s spirit has been very warming and uplifting to us all – as we’ve all gotten to know him during his time with us when he’s not fully lost in his work. We’re so fortunate to have crossed paths, as everyone that has either gotten to know him or have really given this piece a solid look, have come away with positive feelings and loads of inspiration. To have this incredible piece pictured below as part of the shop’s soul is truly a blessing.

In addition to the site linked to his name earlier, I suggest you discover more on Matthew Reid’s Facebook Page.


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