The Penny V has been bringing heat all through the past year.  2012 featured many awesome models, and it seems they plan on keeping it coming in 2013.  These colorways answer to two recent trends, animal print and bright colorways.

The “Memphis Tigers” pay tribute to Penny’s alma mater Memphis State University.  Donning appropriately placed stripes, the colors not only represent the school but are similar to the Magic’s colors.  Being that Penny shined down at Orlando, the colorway is a nice nod to two important parts of his history.

The “Total Crimson” may not have the same historical significance, but definitely stands out just as much.  The vibrant orange named “crimson” can stick out in any situation, and looks better the more I look at it.  The black/orange combination is a classic one for a reason, and this shoe is further evidence of that.

Penny’s tend to move quick, and with these colorways they probably won’t be here long.

- TK

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