Anyone who knows me personally knows that Basquiat is easily my favorite artist.  Being a 90s baby, I missed out on the exciting art scene of the 80s, but the sentiment and feeling they created really resonates with me.  In elementary school I was taught about Keith Haring and the global impact his work had, so when I first saw Uniqlo’s line featuring Haring’s and Basquiat’s work in Japan, I immediately gravitated towards it.  While Haring is one of my favorites as well, I ended up leaving the store that day with all Basquiat gear.  It took a few years for me to really begin appreciating and respecting his work, but now more than ever I love the man who drew the crown and everything his art represented.

Naturally I was beyond excited about Reebok’s decision to continue putting out shoes inspired by his work. The two we have here in the shop provide very different takes on his work, and I feel both came out awesome.  The Omni Pump Lite is a mostly black shoe with plenty of red accents to go around.  The scattered lines placed all over the body of the shoe are similar to the kind of strokes he would make throughout his work using Oil Sticks.  Across the back in big white letters are his namesake, which is all too appropriate considering the amount of writing he would put all over his art.

The Court Victory Pump showcases his style in a completely different manner.  Much like many of his pieces, drawings and writings cover a majority of the “canvas”.  The hits of blue on the body look less like accents and more like strokes he placed on the shoe, which gives it a different feel that enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.  Even the crown and his name on the tongue of the shoe looks like he took a blue marker and drew it on himself, giving it a very organic raw look.  To top it all off, Reebok put hits of reflective material on it, making this shoe shine in the right light.

If you appreciate his work as much as I do, check out the exhibit featuring his work at the Gagosian Gallery that opened yesterday.  If you’re new to it, watch one of the few movies out about him, or just come in and check these out!

For more info click the pictures above, or feel free to reach us at: #516-632-5150 /

- TK

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