While his name is bubbling with a bit of controversy and drama these days, I’ll speak for myself and say it does not change my opinion on Jeremy Scott. I’m not defending his actions, but simply put – I’ve always been a big fan of the way he operates and designs boundlessly…a creative freedom I find rare, and wish more individuals could share.

Moving onto the shoes, and in addition to the 3 pairs we received earlier this week, a new set of Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings has come in. The upper is a lot to digest, with an upper being dubbed “Rainbow Hologram” which fuses colors in a cool way that I remember I used to see on stickers growing up. Each panel of the shoe is embedded with the whole spectrum of colors as are the bold detachable wings on the side. The outsole is translucent and has a minimal glitter effect to it, and best of all…these Wings are also available in adorable infant sizes as well!

For more info, click the pictures above, or feel free to contact us at: #516-632-5150 / info@extrabutterny.com


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