adidas Originals continues its ObyO line with another installment by Kazuki Kuraishi.  As of late, Kazuki has been working with friend and fellow designer, Takahiro Miyashita, to create 84-74 lab clothing line. So it was only natural for him to use his new project as inspiration for this season’s selection of adidas footwear.

The collection dons classic monochrome palettes of grey and navy on a variety of material applications.  Subtle to the naked eye, it’s KZK’s signature eye for detail and design saavy that results in amazing nuances.

First a Campus 80 with a mesh medial overlaying reflective silver stripes, similar to last year’s Kazuki x CLOT Superstars.  Next the ZXZ ADV made of nubuck, leather and canvas.  The cherry on top is the retrograde resistance patent leather hit on the forefoot.  As the shoe is worn in, the patent will also break in to reveal a distressed hue pattern unique to each wearer (consider it like raw denim).  The retrograde patent is taken to the max on the Torsion Allegra, composing the entire upper.  Break in the patent to reveal other classic hues of maroon and forest green.  These won’t sit on shelves long- and rightfully so, because these need to be worn and broken in for a one-of-a-kind look.

For more info, click the pictures above, or feel free to contact us at: #516-632-5150 /

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