As a kid, I can remember being told I was too young to wear the Reebok pumps my older brother had, and I think it’s something about that that stuck with me all these years and really added to my love for not only pumps, but sneakers in general. That being said, kids of the new sneaker head generation are starting younger and younger, which is a great thing to see as this culture grows.
Taking note of this young group of sneaker enthusiasts, some GS sized Pump Omni Lite’s have made their way to the shop in 2 dope colors, a purple and pink-zing for the girls, and for the boys we have a grey gravel and teal pair. Both pairs have some translucent accents that add a great visual contrast to the sneaker, as well as adding some different textures to the upper. Speaking of texture, both of these shoes feature some pretty cool textured leather, with nice nylon and mesh breaks, to add to these dope kicks. See for your self in the pictures below, these two are a must for all the little ones out there.

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