When I was younger, summer meant getting Ice Cream with my family and friends.  Now that I’m older, the first thing I think of when summer comes around is breaking out a pair of Vans.  This summer’s choice for me was the Acid Wash Eras.  When these kids Vans came into the shop shortly after, I had to pick the little man up a pair and take him out for Ice Cream at the best local spot in town, Five Pennies Creamery.

Surrounded by corporate competition, Five Pennies stands strong, serving up delicious custard, ice cream, italian ices, and ice cream cakes, most of which is home-made.  E.G. and I swung by to try some of their flavors after a day of running around outside in our new Vans.  Watching my summers come full circle is dope, and seeing the little dude run around roaring like a dinosaur is always a plus.

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- TK

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