We’re at the home stretch of completing our film-inspired DL5 collection.  But before we move onto the coveted Snake Charmer, we’d like to provide a bit of a treat for some if you. The devious “California Mountain Snake” is back for more trouble.

The Gel Epirus made its retro debut a few months ago, and Extra Butter has the dubious honor of having the first collaboration with Asics on this model. A common color scheme, it’s the devil in the details. The blood speckle midsole, the snakeskin striping, or even the medical cross on the heel.  But many have pointed out that “there’s still something else different about these” Gel Epirus. So while we have the opportunity to revive this character, here’s a bonus footage factoid…

Take a close look, and you’ll notice a series of black contour lines throughout all of the paneling of the sneaker. That was tediously added as a reference to our assassin’s Trompe L’ooeil Moschino designed outfit that was decked out in hand-drawn illustrated lines to replace real seams throughout the trench coat, pants and gloves. Though the entire collection from that year was critically acclaimed at its fashion shows, it obtained worldwide recognition throughout the high fashion industry and spawned a number of follow-up collections and imitation designs.

Take a quick browse on social media and see how those contour lines add a completely awesome and unique flare to the on-foot look. These are not to handled lightly!

Check out below for a infamous clip below…

Extra Butter x Asics Gel Epirus “California Mountain Snake”
Online Re-Release Only

Thursday, January 9th || 8pm EST










For more information please feel free to contact us at 917-965-2500 (LES) or 516-632-5150 (RVC).

Extra Butter x Asics Gel Epirus “California Mountain Snake”
First Aid


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