1. Cottonmouth
2. Copperhead
3. California Mountain Snake
4. Sidewinder
5. Snake Charmer

Alas, the final chapter.  In true Spaghetti Western style, The Bride has used her cunning and irony to defeat her foes, and is left to engage in one final duel to complete her vengeful crusade.  Last on her list is Snake Charmer, the ominous manipulator of the Bride, and leader of cinema’s deadliest assassination squad.  The deep-rooted love-hate relationship between these two makes this conquest the most difficult, but also the most inevitable.

Snake Charmer embodies a direct interpretation of the title character’s wardrobe; the upper features a saddle brown leather overlay, black suede underlay, creme midsole, and an understated purple paisley monosock.  And of course, the deadly snakeskin striping characteristic of every member of the DL5 collection!

The Death List 5 project has been incredible and rewarding thus far, but we are not done.  The next few weeks are going to be even crazier than the last few months (with many surprises and more madness to ensue).  So stay tuned, the saga continues…

And of course a special thanks to our friends Conner Reddan and Steve Battline who have done amazing work on all the A/V content for the entire DL5 collection.

Extra Butter x Asics “Snake Charmer” Gel Lyte V – Death List 5 from Extra Butter on Vimeo.

Extra Butter x Asics Gel Lyte V “Snakecharmer”
Saddle/Black Paisley


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