Château le Woof: NYC’s first Dog Cafe and Bar

Château le Woof: NYC’s first Dog Cafe and Bar

As NYC’s first Dog Cafe and Bar, owner Natassa of Château le Woof is all for supporting local businesses and the community. Located in Astoria, Queens, near the pup-popular Socrates Sculpture Park, Château le Woof is the blueprint of bringing the community together with dogs being an influence. Rather than sitting in a cafe where everyone is separated and checked out, this community space is a kind of its own where everyone sits in one room, their dogs become friends, helping this small business to thrive off of its community. It connects people, dogs and coffee. 

The idea of Château le Woof came to Natassa after waking up and thinking why not have a business where you can take your dog, buy your pup food, while you drink coffee and relax. She opened her 1st location in 2015 in a smaller space and once realizing the model worked she expanded to her current location on Vernon Blvd. 

With the love between human and canine being so unique and special, Natassa has 3 dedicated spaces for Château le Woof; The Cafe, Dog Pin and Marche. 

The Cafe sells dog treats, specialty cookies for people, beers and wines that are naturally sourced, while also providing their own coffee roast, created by her right hand man/business consultant Curtis. On the weekends they try to hold activities to get the community involved by holding pop-ups where food trucks will come out and make dog food and snacks, pop-up pizzas and more. 

The Dog Pin sells dog clothing, birthday supplies and locally sourced ice cream cakes for your pup's birthday. Natassa comes up with the recipes for the dog food, using human products that also work for dogs. This space also includes a dog salon/groomer. As dogs are becoming an extension to humans personality these 2 spaces tie into the deep love between human and canine.  

The Marche specifically being for community, opened at the beginning of 2021. That space has a small quaint grocery store and in the back room is a coffee lab with 0 emissions and no exhaust. That back room is also an event space for the neighborhood to connect with one another, where working professionals can come together to give back. Recently Château le Woof did a French Fall Fest where a local chef made crepes for the public and a workshop was held where kids made Eiffel Towers. They also do open mic nights quite frequently.

Natassa's goal is to not only bring the community together but to help other like minded entrepreneurs that love dogs and love coffee start the same business in their hometown. She helps to consult others with their business model and the direction it’s going by sharing her own wins and L’s. 

The beauty of Château le Woof is it’s collective group of coffee professionals and dog lovers that all bring something different to the business. Head over to Château le Woof with your pup  31-01 Vernon Blvd, Astoria, NY 11106. This dog community will make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the door.  



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