In conversation with CAEV: Featuring the adidas LXCON

In conversation with CAEV: Featuring the adidas LXCON

Originally from Boston, CAEV is a Brooklyn-based artist whose musical spectrum provokes original textiles, blending a multitude of genres under his own finger print. The dark grunge rapper showcases honesty yet infectious confidence which ables him a versatile approach on the mic. In the earlier stages of CAEV's career, he served as a leader in cultivating the Boston based underground rap scene which led him to co-starring in the only Boiler Room set in the city. In 2017, CAEV was featured on Complex's Pigeons and Planes "5 Artists to Watch" List and now two years later is making a reintroduction.

See below for an exclusive interview with CAEV, featuring the new adidas LXCON "Gradient".

What got you into music? And what other artists have inspired you and your sound?
I got into music from a pure, “let’s see if I can do this” feeling. My boy was rapping for years, so I decided to take him up on his years of offering me to come over and f*** with it. I did my first song and his mother loved it, and he kind of threw shade. I kind of just noted it and was like “well since ya gonna act like that, now imma do this shit and actually REALLY do it” (Laughs) It started off from something so petty, but quickly became something I truly love. I’m an artist at heart, so any form of expression really gets my d*** hard (Laughs) 
My sound is a mix of James Brown, Young Thug, and Andrè 3000. Also, The vocals of Ozzy Osbourne have definitely had a crazy effect on how I make and hear music. Kanye was my lord and savior at one point too. Honestly I’m influenced by everything I like. Especially my friends :) 
If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be a demolitionist. I love breaking shit! Such a release, dude. Or maybe a skater. 

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released or unreleased and why?
The best song I’ve ever made is definitely unreleased. So unreleased, I haven’t even made it yet!
Which musician would you like to collaborate with?
If I could collaborate with any artist right now, i would definitely have to say Tyler, The Creator. When he won his first VMA and told me (well not specifically) “You can do this, my n****” I’ve been inspired ever since. He was also the first rapper in a long time that made me feel like it’s ok to be yourself and still be cool. Actually cooler to be yourself. 
Top 3 favorite clothing brands right now?
Lover Boys Club, Basketball SkateBoards, and Skoot Apparel
Top 3 favorite footwear brands right now?
Adidas, Nike, Eytys 
Top 3 favorite films and why?

Star Wars Trilogy cuz duuuuh lol

Jobs - I love Steve Jobs! Fellow visionary and Pisces! I watch this movie whenever I NEED motivation/inspiration. 

Love by Gaspar Noe - reminds me of a time in my life when love completely ruled and dominated every aspect of my being.

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Read more about the adidas LXCON here.

Photography / Direction: Karin Lienhard

Styling: Alec Tavares

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