Mihn: A Picture Book by Matthew Reid

If you've ever visited us in-store you've likely noticed the work of our dear friend Matthew Reid on the walls of our shop. Matthew's work has been something we've always been drawn to, with who he is as a person being an even greater sense of admiration.

Last Thursday, May 25th, we hosted an opening for "Mihn", the release of a book, written and illustrated by Matthew Reid. The book was available for the first time, as well as a gallery display of some of Matthew's original work in the process of creating "Mihn".

To commemorate the book's release, we released a limited edition Extra Butter x Matthew Reid "Mihn" t-shirt, available now only at our Lower East Side location and online.

Be sure to check out the "Mihn" gallery before it is gone and Matthew embarks on his U.S. cross country tour. For more information check out Matthew Reid's site - howstrangelywearemade.com