EB Visits Van Gogh Exhibit New York City: The Immersive Experience

 One of our Extra Butter team members had the privilege of visiting New York City’s Van Gogh art Exhibition this past summer, and to say the least her experience was eye opening. Unlike most Van Gogh art exhibits that tend to present his artwork in physical form with original paintings, this experience took his work to a whole other level. With the exhibit tapping into modern day technology utilizing 15,000 ft screens, 360 degree projections, and even virtual reality, it made for a fully immersive experience that welcomed people into the world of Van Gogh not only visually, but physically. There is something special about being able to take in some of his most famous pieces by standing in a room with them surrounding you wall to wall. 

Not only is the exhibit a display of Van Gogh's artwork, at times during the experience you really get to see or some would say “live” the life of the world renowned artist. This is all possible with the implementation of 360 degree immersive projection screens. The projections make it a full body experience that is something not worth missing.

If you would like to learn more and be a part of this immersive experience you can check it out at www.Vangoghnyc.com. The exhibit is located at 299 South St, New York, NY 10002, Pier 36. Open from 9 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday