The lazy guys’ guide to getting in shape

The lazy guys’ guide to getting in shape

If you want to properly get in shape, it’s important to focus on three things: exercise, diet and sleep. All three things are intertwined, meaning you can’t get fit without doing all three. Luckily for you, 2020 has provided you with time. There are no more excuses or distractions. If anything, you’ve realized that you do have time for fitness, you’re just lazy.


But laziness doesn’t have to halt your fitness goals. In fact, there are many things you can do that don’t require much thought, time or strength. Below we have outlined tips and hacks that you can do daily to get in shape. So don’t give up now!



Sleep more

We totally understand that 2020 has been stressful and could be affecting your sleep. With the current presidential election, police brutality, COVID-19, and unemployment, we definitely aren’t blaming you. But, sleeping is essential for fat loss goals. Lack of sleep throws off hormones, intensifies food cravings and decreases stamina during workouts. So please, do your body a favor and sleep the recommended 7-8 hours each night. 


Morning push-ups

Do push-ups every morning. This sounds taxing but all we are asking for is 10, and then add two more every week. Before you know it, you will reach 100 in a year duration, and see visible definition, tone and strength in your muscles. 


Surround yourself with healthy foods

Whenever I’m dieting, I realize that I don’t actually crave junk food, I crave food and since I know fast food is fast – my brain tricks me into thinking I want pizza or another convenient food. This then becomes a vicious cycle. When you have fruit and vegetables around, you’ll be reminded to eat clean and can grab it just as easily. 


Drink loads of water

Doctors and health experts recommend eight cups of water a day. This helps support the metabolism and suppresses appetite. 


Bodyweight Exercises

COVID-19 has left many gyms closed, leaving many with nowhere to work out. Hopefully you’ve caught on to the thousands of free fitness videos on YouTube or have purchased a virtual package from your favorite studio. And you don’t even need to buy weights or equipment. Push-ups, crunches and squats are all effective. If you’re not sure what to do, YouTube “workout, no equipment required.” 


Seek accountability

I am that person on Instagram that posts all my goals and accomplishments. Not to boast, but to make sure that all the responsibility and motivation doesn’t rely solely on myself. When you actively seek friends to hold you accountable, it makes fitness goals a lot easier to achieve – especially when you get a text from a friend checking up on you the day you didn’t have the energy to work out.


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Words by Natasha Marsh


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