Neighborhood Review - Good Thanks Cafe

With their grand opening three months ago, we welcome Good Thanks Cafe to our Lower East Side neighborhood. Founded by Tim and Will, the Australian-style spot is meant to bring a healthy lifestyle as the focal point of their mission to serve the locale. Creative healthy bowls, salads, smoothies, juices, and especially coffee and organic wines are on the wholesome menu - all to boast the cafe’s modern and tasteful intentions. Good Thanks emphasizes on casual dining done well, consisting of fresh and healthy refreshments as well as a generous, bright, and fun environment. Alongside their quality food and hip Sydney-like atmosphere, Lucas Geor, barista and local artist, creates their exclusive apparel under the brand, Laundry NYC.


If you are in the neighborhood and on the hunt for a down-to-earth, relaxing brunch spot, Good Thanks Cafe located on 131 Orchard Street is the place to go.