New Balance rewinds to 1978 to create a new Made in USA classic!

New Balance pushes on with best of class, top quality, USA craftsmanship. Their latest model, the 1978, refers to the legendary New Balance 990, both in terms of it's style and versatility, and it's approach towards manufacturing. Premium suede & leather uppers, a dressier collarless lining, and a robust Vibram branded outsole, the 1978 output is both modern and convential, subtle and stylish.

3 colors kick things off for the 1978, and since the disco-era got not shine in it's design, we figured we'd give the Butter-take on the 1978 by pointing to some movies that line up pretty well.

1978's Superman marks the debut of Superman! The grey/black ML1978BK wouldn't be seen on Superman's flying feet...but on his alter-ego, that he uses to blend in with the rest of "normal" society, Clark Kent - these would match up just fine.

A horror movie class, George Romero's Dawn of the Dead marks a rather gory affair, the kind where humans, previously dead, turned into grey-faced, flesh eating, zombies - spilling blood all over Pennsylvania shopping centers. Be careful, the ML1978BN's deep red, burgundy color might attract some zombie bloodsuckers!

A National Lampoon film that debuted back in 1978, Animal House remains a comedy classic. What I like most about the shoe is that it has a modern touch that lends well to today's style of cuffed pants and tonal uppers. All of it's style appreciated, once you get a closer look. But, modern design aside, New Balance captures classic as well and the ML1978NV easily blends with Belushi's famous "College" crewneck and the rest of the styling of the Animal House frat boys.

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