Happy 50th Birthday to Wes Anderson

Today marks filmmaker auteur, Wes Anderson's 50th birthday. For two decades, Wes has risen to become one of the most iconic directors, creating a signature aesthetic through meticulous curation of details. Each film’s opening narration and novel-like chapters. The vivid color palettes of scenes. The way they’re composed between well-balance centered shots to long panning takes. Choice of folk or classical music. And perennial cast ensembles portraying undeniably witty yet flawed characters that reflect the many complexities of friends and family. These elements are packaged together to create stories that mix fantasy with the melancholy of real life for an enjoyable viewing experience.
Let’s not forget his impeccable taste for fashion. The Royal Tenenbaums feature Ben Stiller sporting a classic adidas Originals suit, while Bill Murray has is own fictional signature adidas shoe in A Life Aquatic. A custom collection of Louis Vuitton luggages were even featured in Darjeeling Limited. Anderson even created a short film, Castello Cavalcanti, as part of a multiyear collaboration with Prada. Take a look back at some of your favorite musicians like Frank Ocean and SZA and you’ll see Anderson’s influence.
He was one of the film creatives who had a major impact on the inception of Extra Butter. Our art director, Bernie Gross, says, “Wes Anderson is able to tell stories on an emotional level, but being very mindful to present them in a premium and artistic matter. He’s created a formula that is signature to him and the cult following speaks volumes of the affinity to his personal brand. When Wes debuts a new film, it feels like a moment. It catches our breath with anticipation and he meets our expectations each time. He’s is highly influential to Extra Butter’s mission to create cinematic experiences through retail.”