CP Company SS 20 Collection "An Eyes On The City Story- Naples"

CP Company SS 20 Collection "An Eyes On The City Story- Naples"

Founded in 1975 by Massimo Osti, CP Company has evolved into a brand laboratory with a passion for research and design. The brand has produced over 40,000 garments in its history, all based off CP’s core philosophy, function and use which can be seen on all garments since the establishment. Archival pieces remain a source of inspiration for the brand for current and future designs within collections.

The production process of a CP Company garment begins with traditional fabrics and designs that are then reinterpreted through innovation and technology. When the garment is produced, it is taken through CP Company’s experimental dye workshop and print laboratory where new materials get dyed, printed on, and washed in a variety of ways. Through this process, the ultimate C.P. Company garment is created.

Naples is a unique city. And by virtue of such uniqueness, it blends together its two very diverse souls, that run parallel along the path of history, yet never forgoing its roots; on the contrary, it has reinforced and toughened them, in order to build the future, while tradition and innovation merge and meet in a never-ending and stimulating play on shapes and colors and in a constant research based on the development of the urban setting and its various scenarios.

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Photos by Amy Torres

Modeled by Steve Jean

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