Introducing Manors UK to Extra Butter

Introducing Manors UK to Extra Butter

Golf has a rich heritage in style…but over the last 50 years, the game has gone from the king of cool, to the snobbish sport of suburbia. The feeling persists that golf is a sport from a bygone age, left behind by those considered more trendy. The perception of the game is that it is uptight, entrenched in tradition and deeply unstylish. The golf uniform is locked in an identity struggle – legit athletic wear Vs country-club leisure gear. The performance pieces that make up the sport’s wardrobe might help with a player’s swing or sweat situation, but rarely help to cut a sharp silhouette.

Put personality before performance and swap stuffy for stylish. Inspired by the style and sophistication of a bygone era. Re-Imagined with a contemporary twist.


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Shot by Ammi-Shaddai Torres

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