Needles — The Birth of a Cult Icon

Needles — The Birth of a Cult Icon

Extra Butter is proud to present Needles, the Japanese cult classic label, to its brand assortment. Through a slew of collaborations from Dr.Martens, AWGE, and Vans, and its iconic rebuild and Needles sportswear labels, Needles has not only become a cult classic in Japan and North America but throughout the world.

Needles founder, Keizo Shimizu, adopted Americana trends at an early age, citing iconic Men’s Club magazine as instrumental to exposing him and his Japanese contemporaries to traditional ‘Ivy’ fashion, inspired by the New England Ivy League universities’ way of dressing. 

Shortly after starting Engineered Garments, Needles would be birthed as another brand under the Nepenthes label. Needles is particularly noted for its inception being inspired by a single person, and single garment; a 1960s loose-fitting blazer worn by the jazz legend, Miles Davis.

The Needles' iconic butterfly emblem, the Papillon, tapped into another style icon of yester-year, pulling direct notes from Steve McQueen’s butterfly tattoo in the 1973 film, Papillon. Shimizu would continue to showcase his appreciation for American culture, sourcing from classic movies, actors, musicians, and eras- often creating full collections by augmenting his obsession over a minute detail or reference.

The Needles Spring/Summer 21 Collection honors over 25 years of strategic blend between traditional Japanese aesthetics with Americana. With 70s style shirting with exaggerated collars, pants with a boot cut flare, and Japanese style loose-fitting work jackets and trousers. Needles continues to channel their initial inspiration through making period-specific garments as relevant today as they once were. 

Shop the Needles Spring/Summer 21 collection at and the EB Mobile app. 
Photography by Sage East
Styling by Jordan Womack
Modeled by Cilene Guiadeen and Jacob Gutierrez


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