OVADIA Spring 2020 Collection Featuring UGG Footwear

The Spring 2020 collection is inspired by the 
seven days of creation. 

  • Day 1  Night & Day 
  • Day 2  The Heavens 
  • Day 3  Waters, Land, Grass, Trees, Herbs & Fruits 
  • Day 4  Sun, Moon, Stars 
  • Day 5  Winged & Water Creatures 
  • Day 6  Beasts of the Earth, Adam & Eve 
  • Day 7  The Sabbath 

UGG teams up with OVADIA to reimagine two iconic styles with an East Coast vibe. The Classic Mini Boot and the Tasman Slipper comes in tie-dye, distressed chestnut and black motifs, all featuring premium suede and canvas.

The collection is now available in-store, online, and via the EB App.

Photography: Amy Torres

Model: Harry Hevey