Reebok's Classic Icon: The Club C

Reebok's Classic Icon: The Club C

The Club C is a tennis sneaker that was created in the ‘80s but remains just as iconic today. We're looking back where we started at the sneaker's heritage, styles and why it's a timeless classic.


In the ‘80s the sport of tennis continued to rise after the boom in the late ‘70s and because of that, tennis footwear was becoming a focus in the industry. From canvas to rubber and nylon, everything was fair game as long as the look was clean. According to the Reebok Archive, sneaker cuts begin to change from low cuts and for the first time saw mid and ¾ cut models. As time passed, more colorful and experimental versions would be welcomed into the fold.
Reebok first got into the tennis game in 1984 and released their first tennis shoe, the Phase I using garment leather and terry cloth lining. According to the Reebok Archive, “With just the Phase I, Reebok was responsible for 7.7% of total tennis footwear sales in the U.S. that year.” This was a telling sign for years ahead, and paved the way for Reebok to introduce the Phase I Pro and Phase 1 Nylon just a year later.
According to the Reebok Archive, the Club C was designed under the direction of Paul Brown and launched in 1985. The shoe was initially launched to fill a need. [It was] “for the club player who needs a durable performance tennis shoe.”
The Club Champion as it was known (Club C) features a reinforced garment leather toe cap, eye stay and back stay for long wear. And it has a removable expanded urethane arch support system with a terry cloth lining for comfort.” The shoe’s clean silhouette yet unique look has helped the shoe evolve from a performance model into a lifestyle staple.
It was predicted very early on that the Club C silhouette was going to be something special. According to the Reebok Archive, back in 1985 the Revised Revenge, a shoe that paved the way for the version of the Club C as we know it today, had over 10,000 preorders banked. That is some SERIOUS love for an 80s tennis shoe that hadn’t even been released yet. 







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