Adidas Mens ZX 5000 'Bright Yellow' Shoes

$84.00 $140.00
  • Bright Yellow/Shock Cyan Shoes
  • Features Kevlar® material.
  • Torsion System offers mid-foot stability.
  • Rubber outsole
  • SKU: FZ4645

This ZX drop is part of the A-ZX series: a collection of 26 hybrids mixing the heritage of an iconic adidas silhouette with other elements to create a unique fusion. Each drop is symbolized by a letter of the alphabet.​

With the blue and yellow colors of the original Torsion bar, this drop is for the letter T. Built with strong Kevlar® material used on the iconic Torsion bar which allows the foot to move as one unit and gives it the flexibility to move freely. This hybrid combines the legacy of both ZX and Torsion. ​