Gaming In Isolation

Gaming In Isolation

New York is approaching a month now since the mandatory lockdown of NY, and we've become well acquainted with the daily activities that make up our now familiar “quarantined” lives. At the beginning of the shut down, we scrambled to find things to do in hopes of developing a regular routine. Now, while things fall into place, many of us have realized that the one thing we can’t get away from is the need to connect to others. And for this, we have the gaming community. 

For those of us in the gaming community, “self-isolating” is not foreign. Before COVID-19 became a familiar term, gamers would only have time to get online after work or weekends, where we’d completely isolate ourselves. Now, we have the leisure to rank-up, play competitively, and master the games we’ve been itching to play for months at virtually any time throughout the day. The need to have our friends right next to us disappears when we can simply get on our favorite device, and play with them almost instantly - all while maintaining a ‘safe distance’. Even for those who admit they aren’t talented when it comes to video games, but love to watch - streaming platforms like Twitch, and YouTube have swarmed with thousands of hours filled with great content from the most gifted players in their own home-quarantine. And, if you’ve always been curious about the gaming community, there is no shortage of space for you to play. The learning curve may appear to be steep, but in recent years developers have constructed games that apply to any audience, especially new players. 

As all of us try to stay positive, busy, and motivated during this unusual turn of events, know that you can fill almost any void with the help of the gaming community. There are thousands of games, and millions of people online that would all be happy to quarantine with you. And afterwards, you’ll leave this pandemic in the past with new gaming skills, new friends, and maybe even a favorite new hobby.

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