Extra Butter presents IG Live DJ Set with Darling Chuck!

Extra Butter presents IG Live DJ Set with Darling Chuck!

Tune into Extra Butter's Instagram live on April 18th at 2pm EST featuring a DJ set by Darling Chuck

Darling Chuck is a DJ, performer and artist from the San Francisco Bay Area who’s currently based in New York City and Los Angeles. In 2015 she co-founded FOMO, a monthly dance party aimed at pushing hip-hop and dance culture forward, forging personal relationships and collaborations with touchstones of the music, fashion and lifestyle scenes such as Fool’s Gold Records, Elsewhere Brooklyn, Soulection, Serato, Urban Outfitters, Miss Grass, Soho House and Hoxton Hotels.

When asked how quarantine life is treating her, DC says:

I live in the hardest hit area of the virus in Queens so it’s been tough keeping a level head amidst the chaos, especially being far away from my family in the Bay Area, but I’m taking things day by day. It ebbs and flows ~ I’m trying to stay calm and centered and only worry about the things I can control.

Currently I run 1-800-DARLING livestream sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays from my home studio on Instagram Live and Twitch, which has also been a great way to add some routine and normalcy through this strange time. I came up in chat rooms in the late nineties so I like to encourage everyone tuned in to get to know each other in the chat and have a space to forget - just for a bit - what’s going on out there and let the music bring us together.

You can send send Darling Chuck a tip during her Live DJ Set via Cash App to $DarlingChuck

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