This season we've called upon our friend ZULI, a musician and recording artist with both a sound and style we love, to give the new season's selections a try. ZULI is following up his Supernatural Voodoo EP with his first full length LP coming soon! Follow ZULI (@zuli_jr on instagram) for news and upcoming tour dates (he's incredible live - we've all experienced that first hand numerous times!) and check out some of ZULI's thoughts on the creative process and style below:

What sparks you when you begin writing your music - is it a sound you build off of, an expression of something you're feeling, a story that you want to tell?

Every song always comes from a different place. Sometimes I’ll be singing a melody in my head, other times a line in a movie or book will spark my interest, or once in a blue moon, I’ll sit down and the lyrics and melody to a song will come out all at once. For me inspiration can sometimes feel fleeting, so it’s important to go along with whatever is exciting me at the time and see where it takes me.

Was there a defining moment when your love for music was so deep that you wanted to pursue it to the point where you create your own work, go on tour, work on albums, etc.?

I’ve been playing music for years but it wasn’t until high school that it became something I really wanted to pursue. I started getting into all these avant indie bands at the time that were doing things I could never have even imagined doing. Before then, I really only understood the conventional ‘band’ set up. Seeing artists like animal collective using soundscapes, harmonies and sample pads opened up a whole new world of creativity for me and made me dig deeper in my writing.

Favorite thing to do in NY in the spring?

I recently bought a penny board and have been riding it all the time. I think that has become my new favorite thing to do in the spring haha

Which musician has the best sense of style? 

I really love Christopher Owens from the band ‘girls’ style, something so traditional / fresh to his look. I’ve also been digging the vibe of this band Methyl Ethel which inspired me to rock my white jeans again hahah. I guess I’d also have to say Mac Demarco, just because he got all the kids stealing his swag, which is impressive since he describes his style as ‘homeless chic’.

If your music could be the soundtrack for any movie which would it be? 

Anything Stanley Kubrick would have been a dream come true, but something tells me my stuff is a lil too happy hahah. I’ll just go with Wes Anderson, maybe bottle rocket or something.

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— @Jay_cinematic

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