Inspired by old-school rave culture this collection is filled with vivid shades, holographic details, and retro silhouettes. Active influences are mixed throughout as well, shown through striped jerseys, throwback sportswear silhouettes, and tracksuit-inspired cuts. Hues of pink, purple, and orange define the collection’s color palette, which includes apparel, footwear, and accessories, while Dua Lipa herself introduces a new pink hairstyle to match the color scheme of the collection.

22AW_SP_Dua Lipa_Flutur_Drop 2_005 22AW_SP_Dua Lipa_Flutur_Drop 2_005

At the front and center of the collection, Dua Lipa’s butterfly lettermark is inspired by vintage rave flyers and represents transition and new beginnings, a theme that became central to the London-born musician’s life as she went through a creative metamorphosis of her own. Dua Lipa’s butterfly graphic shares placement with PUMA’s fast cat insignia in much of the collection.

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" The butterfly represents transition, metamorphosis, and new beginnings. I felt like in the beginning, when I first started working on drop one, the butterfly already had a lot of meaning for me. Now, going into the second drop, that meaning has just solidified itself and become even more important in my life.It feels like everything progressed and manifested itself in that way. " - Dua Lipa


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