EB Team Official Selection - Air Max Day Picks

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Celebrating the birthday of one of our favorite and most historic sneakers ever made, we have some special releases lined up. Our team also chose our own personal favorite Air Max's to honor this special time of year. See the teams' picks below!


Air Max Plus TN Tiger

The late 90's were an interesting time for sneakers, and the Air Max Plus is one of my favorites to come from that time period. The shape, the color ways, the unique color-blocking, and the comfort all add up to make this an a grail of mine. So obviously back in 2015, when these re-released, I had to jump on them. Missing the initial release, I had to scour the internet and outlets until I found my pair, but ultimately, I did and I've been in love ever since. Sure, there's some subtle changes from the OG 1998 pair (black toe cap, and different tongue badge) but these things still scream 1998 for sure!

- @Dvniel_sun


Air Max 1 "Blue Ribbon Sports"

These have a special place in my heart. I found them digging through the Nike Outlet at Jersey Gardens. The first time I wore them was at a SEMA autoshow, where I first met a good friend of mine, Blue. To my surprise, he too was wearing the same exact pair purchased from the same damn place. What are the odds!? As fate would have it, we ended up working together at @reedspace, where we became an inseparable duo. Unfortunately, Blue had succumbed to cancer a few years ago. I wear these in his memory and for all the laughs we shared. RIP @paulo_cashflow - @tedsayz


Parra Air Maxim 1

Parra is easily one of my favorite artists (and I could never get my hands on the Parra x Patta Air Max 1's) so when these came out back in 2009 I jumped at the opportunity to get them. I love black sneakers and these had the perfect amount of color accents. At the time I was living in Lafayette, Louisiana and bought them at @sneakerpolitics. I remember my mom being pissed because I was spending over a hundred dollars on sneakers and that seemed crazy to her. But they quickly became my everyday kicks - for years. I happily ran these into the ground, especially when I moved to NY and started walking more. Even when they started tearing I still rocked them. They're pretty destroyed now, but they'll always be my favorite pair. - @isabel.lasala


Air Max 1 Supreme "Animal Pack"

I have to selfishly say, I saw this in the running for the shoe to be brought back for this year's Air Max Day celebration, and I was so happy it was not picked. Not to say it might not eventually be retro'd, but I think certain sacred things should be preserved. I've always been drawn to the mixing of prints as a destruction of uptight fashion sense schooling, and this Air Max 1 just takes it over the top. I always looked at animals as our friends and neighbors on this earth, so I wanted to add in a little green and pulled out the laces from my Homegrown 90's. I just checked, and these go for a pretty penny, so for the few of us that got these when they came out - hope you love them as much as I do. - @jay_cinematic


Air Max 1 "Leopard"

This shoe brings me back to my childhood. One of my favorite animals was a Leopard and I hated anything too girly or flashy so this is the perfect medium for me. AM1 is my favorite Nike model because of comfort and style. I always hate how men have the best color-ways so it was nice to finally have something they couldn't. I have multiple pairs of these because I couldn't bare to not have them in my collection. I believe it's a model that is definitely slept on.

- @shessofargone


Air Max 90 Current Huarache "DQM"

One of my favorite Air Max's, has to be the Air Max 90 Current Huarache "DQM". For me the Air Max 90 Current Huarache's are one of the most comfortable sneakers they have ever released, and I wish Nike would brought back this silhouette. Aside from the sneaker design, the iconic DQM "Bacon" colorway they used is a favorite of mine. I was never able to get the OG DQM release, so when these released I had to get them. To top it off they're made with 3M Thinsulate, which makes it my go to sneaker for the winter.

- @roosethemoose

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