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In 1968, amid a worldwide shift towards casual fashion in counterculture, PUMA released what would become their first lifestyle shoe, the Suede. Its release helped jumpstart the casual sneaker trend that would forever change the course of fashion history.

For decades, the Suede has been the prime partner for the fashion forward, never outshining its wearer but instead appropriately complementing them while allowing their individuality to be expressed as authentically as possible. And now, a new generation of young cultural and style icons have taken the torch and are continuing to keep the Suede’s legacy as an elevated sneaker alternative moving forward.

Suede’s ability to navigate such a wide variety of spaces lies within its timeless design. Since ’68, Suede has been embraced and loved by those who know cool. Athletes, actors, musicians, and icons alike have been rocking suedes for over 50 years.

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PUMA was founded by Rudolf Dassler in 1948 with the intent of dressing Olympians and top athletes worldwide. Since its inception, the iconic brand has developed into a lifestyle brand with a focus on refining classic styles and collaborations with labels such as ADER ERROR, STAPLE and more. Most recently, PUMA introduced the Clyde Court as a part of their basketball line which takes a culture first approach.




Puma Mens Slipstream Mid Shoes Puma Mens Slipstream Mid Shoes

Puma Mens Slipstream Mid Shoes

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EXTRA BUTTER x PUMA: King's of New York

In 2017 Extra Butter and Puma joined forces to celebrate the NYC B-Boy & B-Girl Culture. Being a true b-boy was more than just about the dance. It’s about overall style- through the moves and clothes you’re rocking while doing them. It’s about originality. The crew you rep. The dedication to the craft. Blood, sweat and tears. It’s a mentality, a lifestyle. Once a b-boy, always a b-boy.

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