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From its original brief, Oakley®’s Eye Jacket™ were created as a mean to wrap science in art. To achieve such goal, the brand worked on the first-ever Computer Aided Design (CAD) eyewear and made it a reality. The fluid lines of Eye Jacket™ combined with the dexterity of technology and the charisma of a sculptural frame brought to market something completely new and exciting to the mid-90s. Each offered Oakley's XYZ® Optics that virtually eradicates distortion from your entire field of view by cutting both lenses at the same production stage and, from the same lens blank, resulting in a maximized peripheral vision anchored in precise optical alignment. Fast-forward a couple decades, bring Brain Dead into the fold and sprinkle in some sophisticated paint treatment to Oakley’s iconic eyewear and you’re now sitting front row to some imminent fireworks.

  • Speaking of fire, the shifting hues of the red and blue colorshift paint on the frame can only be matched by the burning flames surrounding the satin silver Ellipses adorning the chassis and the Brain Dead logo laser etched to the lens.
  • Go ahead, enjoy the vividness of every moments with Prizm™ Ruby lens technology that enhances color and contrast so you can see more detail.
  • Delivered in a custom microbag and box sleeve, the fiery Oakley X Brain Dead Eye Jacket™ will surely spark up your day.
  • SKU: 0OO9450-945006

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