Extra Butter brings back the Technical Difficulties aesthetic with a set of new tees and a face mask.


#FR2 was founded by a Japan-based photographer, who was under the spotlight due to his provocative and use of a rabbit mask. Hollowing this mindset into a clothing line which launched in 2014, #FR2 is a range of avant-garde and bold graphic t-shirts, jackets and accessories, with a focus on tops and outerwear featuring large pockets so the wearer can stay empty-handed.

Yeenjoy Studio

A fusion of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and street culture, Yeenjoy Studio has shaped porcelain ceramic pieces into some of the most celebrated silhouettes in shades of blue, black and white. Each item comes in a sophisticated wooden packaging.


Soulland traces back to 2002 and since 2006 has been owned by Creative Director Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner. Design principles and aesthetics have their origins in Scandinavian artisanship combined with a contemporary feel, encapsulated by the Adler Fedora; a traditional men’s fedora fused with a baseball cap brim, handmade in Copenhagen. Whilst always remembering its legacy, Soulland aims to push menswear forward in new directions.

Vital Material

Founded in Japan, Vital Material focuses on using ingredients and scents given by the natural world, from body care to home care. Featuring hand soap and cream, fabric mist, fragrance tags, and reed diffusers.