Oakley↗ Oakley x Brain Dead Sub Zero Matte Blue/Red Colorshift w/ Prizm Ruby Sunglasses

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First sold in 1992, Oakley®’s Sub Zero were introduced as “a limited selection of next to nothing.” To this day, those sunglasses are considered to be one of the most innovative designs Oakley has ever produced. So radical from anything else back then, they would feature a one-piece dual orbital frameless design that incorporated Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics® with Plutonite® lens material. Weighing in at 0.69 ounces, one could easily forget they were wearing them! Not to mention, the lens could still stop a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 15 yards, as well as blocking all harmful UVs. With Brain Dead at the helm, the idea was to celebrate a commonly cherished piece of eyewear by giving the frame an elaborated red and blue colorshift paint treatment that would unravel different hues as light would hit the frame.

  • Along with the unique frame coating and its silver satin logo branding comes the Prizm™ Ruby lens technology that enhances color and contrast so you can see more detail.
  • Still with the lens, you can find Sub Zero’s classic visual signature with the 2 orbital outlines etched as well as Brain Dead’s logo featured over the right eyebrow.
  • Delivered in a custom microbag and box sleeve, the Oakley X Brain Dead Sub Zero is expected to extend summer a little longer.
  • SKU: 0OO9468-946807

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