Rizzoli Rizzoli The Sartorialist Book


  • The Sartorialist: MAN: Inspiration Every Man Wants, Education Every Man Needs Hardcover Book
  • Written by Scott Schuman, Foreword by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Illustrated by Jenny Walton
  • 312 Pages
Not since Dressing the Man has there been a definitive style guide for modern men. Into this gap steps The Sartorialist--renowned photographer and blogger Scott Schuman.

Whether you're Trad or Goth, Boomer or Gen X, wear tailored or vintage, The Sartorialist: MAN will help you explore and hone your personal expression of style in the streetwear age. This is your chic primer to menswear, where you can finally learn about (or reacquaint yourself with) essential wardrobe elements. With Schuman's dynamic street photog- raphy providing inspiration, he also blows the dust off menswear rules of the past and updates style principles, outlining strategies gleaned from his long experi- ence as a photographer and fashion editor.