Boy Smells‚Üó Boy Smells 450mL Hand Lotion 'Fantome'

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  • Fantome Hand Lotion
  • Repairs and hydrates skin
  • Notes: Amber, Oakmoss, Cade, Gardenia and Black Pepper
  • 15.2 oz/450mL
  • Housed in transparent dark-colored glass
  • SKU: LN15FNT


BORAGE SEED OIL contains fatty acids that restore moisture + smoothness to dry skin.

REISHI is an antioxidant known to address visible redness + combat dehydration.

LION'S MANE is an antioxidant known to repair + increase collagen levels.

CHAGA MUSHROOM is an adaptagen supporting skin health + vitality.

BENTONITE CLAY aids in removing skin toxins.

KAOLIN CLAY is a mild exfoliant, gently removing dry skin cells to purify skin tone + texture.

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