Mighty Jaxx↗ Mighty Jaxx Xxray Plus: Luffy (Treasure Gold)


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  • Gold-color Figure
  • 8" Tall Vinyl Art
  • Limited Edition

“I will become the Pirate King!” says the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates as he embarks on his journey to find the ultimate treasure – One Piece.

This time, we pay homage to the adventurous spirit of Luffy on his epic treasure-hunting conquest. Presenting XXRAY PLUS: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition), featuring lustrous hues of metallic gold, from hat to toe! With the iconic dissection style of Jason Freeny, it’s clear that this is a treasure, both inside and out! Definitely a trophy worthy of taking a spot in your collection, bring XXRAY PLUS: Luffy (Treasure Gold Edition) home today and admire this piece of art in all its glory!

LICENSED TO / MANUFACTURED BY: Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd