Get to Know: Daina

Extra Butter Team Leader

3 words to describe you: Resilient, Compassionate, Loving

Hometown 🏠 : Bronx, New York
Fav Movie 🎥 : Poetic Justice
Fav Dish 🍛 : Salmon
Fav Song 🎶 : “Where I'm coming From” by Lila Iké
Fav Sneaker 👟 : Jordan 11s and Jordan 1s

How did growing up in the BX have an impact on your upbringing being of Jamaican descent?

Growing up in the BX impacted my upbringing being of Jamaican descent because it felt like home away from home. Jamaican culture is strong in the Bronx (White Plains Rd to be exact). From the food to the music is a constant reminder of my culture.

What makes you most proud to be Jamaican?

How diverse and loving we are. To be Jamaican isn't one look, shape or thing. We are made up of many things. We love to share our culture with everyone. It really defines our motto “Out of many, one people.”

How has your culture played a role in your professional career?

It allows me to be open-minded, fearless and able to be accepting of everyone irregardless of what they may look like or where they come from.

How has embracing your culture impacted your style and taste in music?

Embracing my culture impacted my style and taste in music by allowing me to be multifaceted and unafraid to push the envelope.

How do you manage to stay connected to your roots?

I manage to stay connected to my roots through food. My fiancé is also Jamaican, so he cooks Jamaican cuisine often. One of our favorite dishes to eat would be oxtail, steam cabbage and rice and peas. This allows me to feel a piece of home with every bite.

Based on your personal experiences of embracing your culture and background, what advice would you give someone who struggles to tap into their roots.

Based on my personal experiences I would advise those who struggle to tap into their roots to be proud! Understanding where you come from will allow you to appreciate life in so many ways. To have knowledge of self is the most rewarding feeling one can have.