Celebrating Black Owned Brands at EB

Take a closer look at some of our favorite Black owned brands stocked on our website and celebrate Black History Month with us. Founded out of love for the culture and rooted in community, these brands ooze pride and originality while staying authentic to their spirit.



Created by Russell Westbrook, Honor the Gift is a LA based brand founded on the dedication and self belief of being the greatest person you can be. The name stems from the idea to embrace and “honor the gift” given to one's self. Quality, purpose and storytelling are the three main concepts that allow the brand to tell the story of where Russel Westbrook came from and the possibilities out there for others to take themselves.

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"Out of love and necessity,rather than profit or novelty," is the motto used to describe Patta. This saying stems from the idea of the need for the brand and what they can provide for the community and culture that surrounds them. Patta is heavily culture driven and always looking for new ways to help and pave the way for the creatives and artists to be able to follow in their footsteps.

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Kids of Immigrants

Kids of Immigrants is a brand that was created to express the passion to create, empower and love. Creators Daniel Buezo and Weleh Dennis gained inspiration to create Kids of Immigrants from the roots of where they came from and the experiences they grew up on. Their mission statement is to "do the best we can with what we have.” The name comes from the fact that they are first generation Americans and kids of immigrants. They want people to understand that everyone is an immigrant in the sense that we are all cut from different cloth, but when combined we are one.

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Western Elders is a New York based streetwear brand created by Jamal Braimah. The inspiration of the brand stems from the importance of family, heritage and community. Being able to tap into these aspects of life, allows Jamal to tell a story through his products. By combining Jamals West African roots and NYC upbringing, Western Elders makes a statement in the streetwear industry that is hard to shake.

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Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a Streetwear brand designed by Emory Jones who is also the head of lifestyle at Roc Nation. The brand prides itself on being able to combine design, fashion and music into one. Backed by Jay-Z, Paper Planes has made its way in being one of the top streetwear brands around today.



Direction & Styling - Nia Simone

Photography - Ammi-Shaddai Torres

Model - Kareem

Shoot Assistant - Luke E.