Extra Butter Liberty Tee

Extra Butter Liberty Tee

The Extra Butter family tends to focus on our world of street culture and fashion, but we’re not immune to today’s political landscape.

One of our most tenured senior members, Mike (real name removed for privacy) has been working legally with Extra Butter for over a decade, yet has no choice but to leave the country. He has been a key role to the success of our organization. He pays his taxes. He owns a home. His American-born daughter is a Girl Scout. He was on course to secure a green card a fews years ago; now, his pursuit of the American Dream will come to a halt.  

The Statue of Liberty - right here in our backyard - has Emily Lazarus's "A New Colossal" sonnet engraved in the base as a daily reminder of what's worth fighting for: Freedom; Security; Prosperity.

Our system is flawed. This tee does not take a political side, but merely asks to start a dialogue and keep a constructive conversation going amongst all of us. When we reference streetwear, sneakers or fashion, we tend to use the term "community." We are all in this together, and we ask to look out for each other.

The Extra Butter Liberty Tee is available in-store and online. Proceeds will go towards relocation for MS and family. You will be missed. 

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